If you have arrived at my website I imagine you found me seeking relief for yourself or for someone you care about. Relief from loneliness, depression, anxiety, restrictive eating, or overeating to name a few. Many of us unknowingly settle for lives in which we go through the motions but don’t feel alive. In the movie Pleasantville, which takes place in a quiet, well-manicured suburb in Anywhere USA, the townspeople live proper, obligatory lives dramatized by their black and white color.Mr. Jackson, the ice cream shop owner, remarks, “It’s always the same. It never gets better or worse… What I really like is Christmastime. I look forward to it all year [when I paint the store front window]… It’s silly to be waiting all year for one moment.” Mr. Jackson realizes he doesn’t enjoy running the ice cream shop, and as he becomes aware of his passion for art he comes into color. And as the people in Pleasantville find the courage to live their lives with awareness, they awaken and come into color.
Have you been walking through life going through the motions but not feeling alive?Are you ready to stop limping and live your life to its fullest?

Like Mr. Jackson you too can live your life in full color.

There is hope.

You can feel more alive.

I can help you get there.

I treat a variety of “dis-eases” including mood, anxiety, and eating disorders. I have worked as a psychologist for 15 years and have been in private practice for 13 years. I work with adolescents, adults, families, and couples. I have training in Family Based Therapy (FBT) for eating disorders, and I also conduct psychological evaluations for lap band surgery.