In college when I came across the quote, “Each being flourishes when doing the work for which he is designed” in the book First Love Stories, I didn’t know then, feeling as lost as I was, that some years later I would be doing just that. Shopping for school supplies last year, my older daughter came running down the aisle insisting I buy a spiral notebook for myself. Despite my objection she persisted, saying, “Look what it says on the cover, Mom: ‘Do What You Love to Do.’ You have to buy it, you love what you do.” It touched me to know that my passion for my work had made an impression on her, although getting here has been a journey. In my teens and early adulthood I struggled with anxiety and issues related to food. During that time of darkness I couldn’t see that something amazing would emerge from my trying experiences. But I can see now that struggling and overcoming the adversity I experienced led me to the work I love to do. If I had never been there I would never be here.

In movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter, the bad guys are found outside of the hero. In real life the bad guys and demons we fight are found within ourselves–they are self-doubt, self-criticism, and the voices that tell us who we are isn’t enough. I know you can get better. I did and I am not the exception. We are all heroes. We need to raise our swords and find the courage to face the demons within. This is why the only journey, the most important journey we undertake, is the journey within.


Graduate School:
New School for Social Research, New York, NY
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
Recipient of Diamond Fellowship and Albert J. Muriel Award for Best Psychology Dissertation
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Bachelor of Arts Degree, Graduated Cum Laude

Related Clinical Experience
Clinical Director, Eating Disorder Center of California, Brentwood, CA
Program Director, Center for Discovery and Adolescent Change, Downey, CA
Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Eating and Weight Disorders, San Diego State, CA
APA Approved Internship, UMDNJ – University of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, New Jersey