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The only journey is the one within.
-Ranier Maria Rilke

  • feedback1_patientfeedback_clip_image002I saw this and it reminded me of you. It reminded me of the story you shared with me of the little bird you saw pecking for food along the shoreline when a huge wave came behind it and washed over it. When the tide receded the bird was standing in the same spot continuing to peck away. It happened several times and your words that you “hoped the bird knew to hang in there because it would be low tide soon” stay with me when I’m having a difficult time. I’ve learned from you that I need to hang in there knowing my feelings will pass and the large waves will give way to calmer water. I guess this would be another alternative: jump into the water and learn to surf. -BF
  • What a neat email you sent to thank me. I had all sorts of other things I wanted to say to you when I gave you the book, but I didn’t seem to get it all out. In particular I wanted to say thank you for guiding me back to my writing path. I feel strongly in saying that I don’t think I would be where I am today without you believing in me. You’re one of the constants in my life and for that I am grateful. -AS
  • I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me. I credit you, a lot, for helping me to manage my emotions and my anxiety. I’m not sure if you realize it, but you released me from what seemed like a “spell”. A “spell”, at least, is the best way that I can describe an eating disorder. It’s the closest thing to magic or myth that I have ever experienced in my life. Never before have I been so transfixed by a feeling, even emptiness, that I allowed it to completely control my being and leave me a slave to unconscious action. At times I get so caught up in my day-to-day routine, I forget that I struggled so badly just a short while ago. -MF
  • Thank you so much for sharing last week. It really highlighted the power of self-disclosure when done at the right time and for the benefit of the patient. It really sucked me out of my own vortex of feeling alone knowing that another person was on my journey – and especially when that person is you. I won’t even begin to tell you what our therapeutic relationship means to me since this isn’t goodbye – just a break I plan on being back soon. The enclosed gift–vase–is a little something that reminded me of your vase and flowers story. It definitely stayed with me. -HD
  • I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for something you said to me during our last session…I’ve got a lot of friends struggling with a lot of things right now, as am I, and I passed on to them an analogy you told me that helped me out SO much. And now it’s helping them too. You gave that example of the roses you cut with the intention of putting in your office, and how when you put them in a particular vase they just didn’t look right. There was nothing wrong with the rose or the vase, individually they were both beautiful, just together they didn’t fit for whatever reason. Then you put the same roses in another vase and it was perfect.

    I felt so hurt and rejected in my last relationship because I gave him all I had and it wasn’t good enough. It was eating away at me and my ability to function day in and out. But that small little tiny analogy is what stops me from going down that negative path of figuring out every little thing he thought was wrong with me and why he didn’t want me and us. There’s nothing wrong with me, there’s nothing wrong with him (well maybe there are some things wrong with him =), together we just weren’t a good fit. It’s made it easier to accept the fact that sometimes things just don’t work, or sometimes things just fall apart, and it is what it is. And I should stop beating myself up over it and allow him to make me feel like crap. So thank you for that, it’s helped a lot of people. Just thought you should know =) -Initials Withheld

  • Hi Dana! I have been trying to find your email contact, I want to give you an update/THANK YOU for all that you have done for me in my life and helped me to get to the place I am today. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I didn’t have you as an outlet and support and guide during those hard years of my recovery from anorexia. Looking back on where I was then I would have never guessed there would be such a strong light at the end of the tunnel-healthy, employed, engaged, and happy! I hope you and your family are still doing well, and that you continue to help others as much as you did me!! -MM
  • Thank you. I think for the first time in my life, after 43 years of struggling with my weight, you have helped me understand my eating disorder and I feel like I finally get it. I can conquer this. Even if just for today. Thank you for helping me pick up my sword, giving me wings, and learning to eat with purpose and consciousness. Thank you for helping me also be a better parent to my three children and attempt to prevent any further eating disorders in our family. Your guidance and expertise in your field are so very appreciated. I will always have tools now to reach my goals and dreams. I look forward to continuing to get healthier, both emotionally and physically, with your guidance. -GR